MATIZ,With superior quality of the royal family to do the elevator service world
MATIZ,Spanish, subtle differences. Created by the Spanish aristocracy after Mr. Antti Gono, in order to express Mr. Antti Gono as the noble people of the details and the quality of the paranoid pursuit.


In 1931  MATIZ was established in Madrid,the capital of Spain,and began to manufacture the feeling equipment and elevators.

In 1932  the first completed elevator was installed in the castle of Mr.Annotation.

In 1935  appointed by Baron Bela,MATIZ installed in the first elevator for him.

In 1936  officially became the elevator supplier for the Spain royal family.

In 1963  developed its own control system:MAT-C1.

In 1976  successfully designed and produced the high speed elevator.

In 1990  successfully design and adopted the computer glamorization control system.

In 2002  be the first to adopt the permanent magnet synchronous technology and launched ST series passenger elevator and WR series freight elevator in Spain.

In 2005  established the production base in China and named SHENZHEN MATIZ ELEVATOR CO.LTD.MATIZ ELEVATOR in Spain provided a comprehensive technical support and authoress us to use MATIZ brand.

In 2013  founded the China & Spain joint venture company the name into MATIZ ELEVATOR CO.,LTD.



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