MATIZ,With superior quality of the royal family to do the elevator service world
MATIZ,Spanish, subtle differences. Created by the Spanish aristocracy after Mr. Antti Gono, in order to express Mr. Antti Gono as the noble people of the details and the quality of the paranoid pursuit.


MATIZ, Spanish with a meaning of a delicate difference,created by Mr. Andygonnot, a noble descendant, in order to express his obsession for details and taste.

MATIZ, with aristocratic origins, only serve the Spanish royal family ever since it was established. The first elevator was installed in Mr. Andygonnots castle and its still preserved as a family honor.

Under the driving of history, MATIZ stepped out of the royal family so that more and more people can enjoy its ride with such a quality.

The variety of elevator sand innovation of technology are developing, while what remains the same is the inheritance of the founder Mr. Andytgonnots obsession towards details and taste. A boutique remains a boutique,even a century passed by.

Brief Introduction on MATIZ CO.,LTD.

Core values

Innovation Passion Integrity

Customer first,Team work spirit.Enterprise spirit,Integrity first.



Provide superior elevator solutions for customers and let more and more people worldwide can enjoy a safe and more comfort ale elevator and its service.


Manufacturing strength

MATIZ has a broad production base in China,equipped with a R&D center,Spare parts center,Logistic center,etc.The advanced equipment and standardized production chain reveals Matins powerful production strength.


MATIZ Vision

Let MATIZ products spread all over the WORLD.

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