MATIZ,With superior quality of the royal family to do the elevator service world
MATIZ,Spanish, subtle differences. Created by the Spanish aristocracy after Mr. Antti Gono, in order to express Mr. Antti Gono as the noble people of the details and the quality of the paranoid pursuit.
MATIZ passenger elevator series inherit the advanced technology combining with the energy-saving and environmental-friendly concept so as to abtain many promient advantages,such as safety,comfortability and energy-saving,etc,offering reliabl
MATIZ FREIGHT ELEVATOR is born to highlytransport cargo in various architectures.It adopts the most advanced micro-computercontrol technology and is equipped with large loading capacity, perfectlyreveals its economic advantages and efficien
MATIZ PANORAMIC ELEVATOR series is a moderntransporation for carrying,sightseeing and decoration.It applies to thecommercial building ,hotel and fancy supermarket,etc,which not only providesperfect loading service,but also enriches the art.
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